Web business engine in area of GIS, based on Geomedia Web Map product.
Tools/Technologies: Visual Basic 6, ASP, IIS, Oracle/SQLServer/MSAccess, Geomedia Web Map Description: Web application engine in area of GIS. This engine is based on Geomedia Web Map from Intergraph and is able to manage GIS information at enterprise level (hundreds of users, thousand of spatial information layers, thousand of spatial queries, etc). Can be used with several RDMS: Oracle, SQLServer, MSAccess

Picture 1: A general image of Working Interface, containing "General and Identification Toolbar", "Working Toolbar", "Legend and Themes Management Section" and the Map.

Picture 2: This form manages the Details of an Analysis in general, and in particular, on this tab is set a standard filter.

Picture 3: This form manages the Details of the Legend, setting options for every layer regarding its type (Standard or Thematic), displaying or ordering.

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