Advanced Filter
Add-ins for Microsoft Access: User-friendly SQL generator
Platform: MS Access
Programming: VBA
Description: Add-ins used for creating complex queries using a user-friendly interface. The developer can integrate easily this add-ins in order to provide to the end-user a very flexible way for querying the data.

Picture 1: The add-ins expects from the developer to provide a query (MSAccess) or a view (SQLServer). This view will be used for creating complex SQL statements. The developer has to choose nice aliases in order to provide to the end-user familiar names.
Note:The filter can be saved and restored.

Picture 2: The add-ins can generate very complex Where clauses. It can imbricate operators "AND" and "OR" and it can group atoms using parentheses.

Picture 3: This page will generate Group By and Having clauses. The combo-box Condition is responsible for the clause Having.

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